Official Pandoc aarch64 bin available

Hi all.
I just discovered that Pandoc is available as a one-binary-includes-all from the Pandoc GitHub.

In the releas list you find a -arm64.tar.gz aarch64 version that contains one binary only.
Works for me.

Is it possible to create a package from this? I don’t have experience with that.

Seems it’s in the AUR:

Ok, I know this AUR package, that’s old. Previously it only worked for X86, but now I am thinking …
One moment, quick test…

The PKGBUILD lists a source for aarch64 as well as x86_64, so I assume it works on aarch64 too.

Correct, my bad.
I was waiting for that so long that I did not noticed that it now worked…

So, in summary: yay -S pandoc-bin works

No. pacman does not install AUR packages. You need either pamac, yay or plain old makepkg for it.

One of these days

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