Official Manjaro public Telegram channel is ceasing

The official Manjaro Telegram channel has been around for a while and was made originally to give forum users somewhere to socialize live.

Due to lack of time and providing social channels is not really what we do in Manjaro the channel is being discontinued and set to slow mode until we park it permanently.

For anyone that wants an alternative there is the unofficial Manjaro Community Telegram channel and also an unofficial Manjaro IRC channel that is maintained by community members.

There may also be other unofficial channels like Discord created by the community.


Cool. Just left.

:+1: :grin:

I’ve been playing way to much Tears of the kingdom. Too look at telegram channel.

I always had the feeling, real time support was almost a full time job for you there.

I think you misspelled “encouraging others to use the forum because it was not a support channel”.

For anyone that want an alternative there is Manjaro IRC - Manjaro that is maintained by community members.

Well that’s a shame. Despite the flaws of the telegram channel and people constantly asking for support, I really enjoyed my time there and had some nice discussions with people. The other unofficial group on telegram has more of a tech support vibe and I don’t really participate in it. And IRC isn’t as convenient as telegram.

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There’s still the Element channel, right?

No idea. If there is, it’s a community created channel.

By the way, I’ve edited the first post to be more clear, concise and provide more information.