Odroid N2+ Download Link Broken

The n2 links work, the n2+ links do not work. I have been using ubuntu from hardkernel on my n2+ but have been actively trying to evaluate manjaro from time to time and I see there is a n2+ version but downloading (firefox) just gives me a blank page.

Which links specifically? I can’t reproduce that.

Ends up at this link in firefox:


It’s worth noting that I was able to find a working link by simply clicking on ARM and scrolling through the huge list, arriving at:


But if I just pick from the initial menu, it breaks for me.

Ah, I see what you mean now. The sub-menu links don’t go to the edition chosen.

This is a support forum, not an instant messenger In the future, please edit your previous message, don’t post multiple times in a row. I’ve merged your posts.

Respectfully, I posted a screen shot because it appears to specifically be a problem with the drop down menu and it only reproduces doing it exactly this way. The link can be seen in the bottom left of the screen shot in the form firefox interprets it during mouse over. Then when you click, it arrives at the link I provided in a block quote with the html entities escaping of the + character it seems. Going to that link, which is just an anchor link that somehow causes the dynamic content to load, simply doesn’t work–it results in a blank page with the manjaro dressings around it, but no content. I don’t know how else to describe it, I’m trying to help and provide as much info as I can.

I just edited my post while you were typing. Turns out your screenshot did help. :wink:

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