[OC1 & OC2] Manjaro-ARM 18.06 Minimal Released



Today I finished updating and uploading the images for Odroid-C1 and Odroid-C2. These images are still made the old way, so sadly I can’t scrink them more than they are now.

Download here!

New Minimal images is available for the Odroid-C1 and Odroid-C2.
Biggest changes to this image include:

  • Removed networkmanager and using systemd-networkd instead.
  • Removed the entire base-devel package group. People needed it to compile stuff, can install it back with sudo pacman -S base-devel.
  • pacman 5.1!

What about other devices?

The only other device we plan on supporting right now is the Odroid-XU4. But I need testers with this device, willing to run test images for me.
Please let me know, if you have an Odroid-XU4 and are willing to test images!

Future plans

The plan for Manjaro-ARM right now, is to release new minimal images for supported devices, each month. A snapshot, like Arch Linux x86_64 does it.

Other editions might get released often, but it depends on the maintainers of those editions.
This should become easier soon, hopefully, as I have started working on our own manjaro-arm-tools to generate images from your desktop PC.

As always. Enjoy and please report any bugs you encounter, so we can have a look at it.
Our issue tracker is now at Manjaro’s Gitlab.


I am using this image on similar device(OTT MXQ), and this image do not boot the system, i’ve manually make a working boot. Now it run fine, but no installer is available.


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