Startx does not start while xinit works fine


Im using a 2010 Macbook Pro, Everything was working fine (though I have NVIDIA Graphcis card, I was using open source drivers) until my upgrade to Manjaro Nibia

initially xinit was not working as well, Error - “(EE) parse_vt_settings: Cannot open /dev/tty0 (Permission denied)”. But the I found the solution with creating a file Xwrapper.config in /etc/X11/

Now, it loads up GNOME Desktop but brightness control does not work.

But when I try startx or directly login from the GDM Greeter screen after boot, it loads up blank, but can move the cursor.

One thing I have observed (having issues with dbus),
$ sudo systemctl --user
Failed to connect to bus: $DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS and XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not defined.

I’m very new to Linux, details steps would be greatly appreciated.
I have searched through manjaro forum and online but could not find a the right solution.

Resolved by adding these lines in ~/.bashrc
export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR="/run/user/$UID"

After that I could login into the system without any issue.
But when I try startx now … it loads up the desktop in 10 mins… and what could be the reason ?

for now, I can login through gdm greeter without any delay.