Obviously high SSD I/O usage from btrfs-cleaner after upgrading to Kernel 5.16

I got my Manjaro upgraded to Kernel 5.16 yesterday. However, after upgrading, the SSD I/O usage became obviously high, continuously hitting 1GiB/s. Is it a bug of Kernel 5.16?
( Kernel Vesion: 5.16.2-1 )

is the file-indexing active ? what about ‘systemctl status fstrim’, is it active ? both will force high and not needed payload if active.

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A user started a topic about the similar problem on Reddit.

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autodefrag mount option seems to be the culprit:

This could significantly reduce the lifespan of any ssd due to massive writes.

Surprised for the lack of responses here. Anyone else experienced the issue? And does disabling autodefrag indeed fix the problem?

I’m staying with 5.15 until some more information is available.