OBS VST Plug-In Installation

I’ve been using filters to enhance my audio for when I go live.
I use the built in filters, but I also want to use third-party ones through the VST 2.x Plugin support that’s built-in.

I’m having trouble installing a VST plug-in.
According to this official guide I should be able to drag and drop the .so file into one of the folders to start using it within the program.

Listed in the guide is the possible directories to put the plug-in into. I have tried putting the intended plug-in each of the following or created them as necessary, but does not show up in the drop down menu for the VST 2.x Plug-In filter.


The guide mentions to put the plug-in into the VST_PATH directory, but have not configured that in the past.

It states if you set the environment variable to VST_PATH then the OBS will ignore the other paths.
In principle the easiest it to place all in the ~/.vst/ folder and in your ~/.profile file or ~/.bash_profile you add:

export VST_PATH=/home/Zer0sVoid/.vst/

Log out and back in and you should have working plugins.

I had not set the VST_PATH before, so I had thought one of the previously mentioned directories would have worked.
I do not have a folder in /home that’s named after any user or a .profile file.
I have placed the intended plugin into ~/.vst and added to my ~/.bash_profile.

export VST_PATH=/home/.vst/

After log out and back in, the plug-in does not appear in the drop down menu in the VST plug-in filter within OBS.

yes you do - there seems to be a misunderstanding on your part here

when you “spell it out”
is: /home/Zer0sVoid/.vst/
or, more generally:



you omitted the username part …
that is most definitely wrong and not what you want

I see, that is definitely a misunderstanding on my part.
I have corrected that within my .bash_profile

After another logout and relog, my plug-in still does not appear.
It may be that my plug-in in not compatible.

Hmm - you have tagged you issue with: “snap” and “flatpack”
I guess those integrate pretty well, but may need adjustments in cases like this.
Not sure - never have used either one.

but for checking the obvious:

what does:
echo $PATH
Is your ~/.vst directory in it?

echo $PATH does not list ~/.vst, however printenv does show VST_PATH=/home/username/.vst/ correctly.


Since it is at the #support:snap-flatpak category:

You know that you have to set the permissions and variables for obs on flatpak? flatseal can help you with that.

Beside that, there also a lot of Plugins at flathub:

flatpak search LinuxAudio --columns=application,description

I guess it is this one: org.freedesktop.LinuxAudio.Plugins.LSP

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I have heard the name Flatseal before, but haven’t used it before.

I have installed it and it was easy to find and change the Environment that OBS was looking for.
Once that was done my plug-in shows up in the drop down menu of OBS.

I’ll definitely look into the Plug-Ins available through Flatpak as well.

Thanks again for your help megavolt.

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