Obs Studio not want launch

Hi Everyone

I have problems when i want to launch obs-studio. I have installed in this command :
pamac install obs-studio
and also try to install it to Package Manager for Manjaro

When launch it i have error writing in file .config/obs-studio/logs

17:05:10.723: [Safe Mode] Unclean shutdown detected!
17:05:18.152: [Safe Mode] User has launched in Safe Mode.
17:05:18.212: Using EGL/X11
17:05:18.212: CPU Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-7100 CPU @ 3.90GHz
17:05:18.212: CPU Speed: 1141.245MHz
17:05:18.213: Physical Cores: 2, Logical Cores: 4
17:05:18.213: Physical Memory: 7867MB Total, 6022MB Free
17:05:18.213: Kernel Version: Linux 6.6.16-2-MANJARO
17:05:18.213: Distribution: "Manjaro Linux" Unknown
17:05:18.213: Desktop Environment: KDE (KDE)
17:05:18.213: Session Type: x11
17:05:18.213: Window System: X11.0, Vendor: The `X.Org` Foundation, Version: 1.21.1
17:05:18.257: Qt Version: 6.6.1 (runtime), 6.6.1 (compiled)
17:05:18.257: Portable mode: false
17:05:18.257: Safe Mode enabled.
17:05:18.531: OBS 30.0.2-3 (linux)
17:05:18.531: ---------------------------------
17:05:18.554: ---------------------------------
17:05:18.555: audio settings reset:
17:05:18.555: 	samples per sec: 48000
17:05:18.555: 	speakers:        2
17:05:18.555: 	max buffering:   960 milliseconds
17:05:18.555: 	buffering type:  dynamically increasing
17:05:18.603: ---------------------------------
17:05:18.604: Initializing OpenGL...
17:05:19.460: Loading up OpenGL on adapter NVIDIA Corporation NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB/PCIe/SSE2
17:05:19.460: OpenGL loaded successfully, version 3.3.0 NVIDIA 545.29.06, shading language 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
17:05:19.615: ---------------------------------
17:05:19.615: video settings reset:
17:05:19.615: 	base resolution:   1920x1080
17:05:19.615: 	output resolution: 1280x720
17:05:19.615: 	downscale filter:  Bicubic
17:05:19.615: 	fps:               30/1
17:05:19.615: 	format:            NV12
17:05:19.615: 	YUV mode:          Rec. 709/Partial
17:05:19.616: NV12 texture support not available
17:05:19.616: P010 texture support not available
17:05:19.661: Audio monitoring device:
17:05:19.661: 	name: Par défaut
17:05:19.661: 	id: default
17:05:19.661: ---------------------------------
17:05:19.713: Failed to load 'en-US' text for module: 'decklink-captions.so'
17:05:19.760: Failed to load 'en-US' text for module: 'decklink-output-ui.so'
17:05:19.806: A DeckLink iterator could not be created.  The DeckLink drivers may not be installed
17:05:19.806: Failed to initialize module 'decklink.so'
17:05:19.906: Skipping module 'frontend-tools', not on safe list
17:05:20.239: [pipewire] Available captures:
17:05:20.239: [pipewire]     - Desktop capture
17:05:20.239: [pipewire]     - Window capture
17:05:20.374: v4l2loopback not installed, virtual camera disabled
17:05:21.425: NVENC supported

I tried to install missing packages regardless with terminal but it did not work.

Please help me and sorry for my English, i’m French :smile:

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Uninstall the libva-vdpau-driver.