Obs Studio no sound

Please what is currently happening with Manjaro? Obs-studio has been showing problems, it’s not new, days ago it didn’t want to open, but then it looks like they fixed it, however, now it’s muted, both the Manjaro version and the flatpak version.
Please, I need to use this program to do lives. I know I’m not paying anything for this, but it’s not that because it’s free, that it must be bad!

Do you have libva-vdpau-driver installed? According to this issue, uninstalling that solves the problem.

I suggest check latest message log for OBS in ~/.config/obs-studio/logs/ for errors or misconfiguration of audio sources

and check OBS audio sources

pactl list source-outputs

Can you post the output of alsamixer ?

A screenshot of alsamixer would only show Master controls for default audio server

It would be better to post ALSA settings for audio hardware in text format

amixer -D sysdefault