OBS Studio configuration of recording two monitors

I installed the OBS Studio, now I learned how to do the configuration to record (not steaming) the screens interfaces (I have two monitors), when I choose the principal monitor of my laptop the video and audio is just fine with a video that covers the entire area of the screen but if I check the two monitors the final video is horrible, it shows two small square areas representing the monitors into the entire area of the screen. Some of you know how to configure this program correctly in order to see the two monitors in the entire area of the video or if there’s a possibility to record the video changing depending on the area you’re working in?

The size in monitors vary, the lapto"s is 1366x768 and the external is 1280x1024

Thank you.


Most of this questions got answered in the OBS forum

Some of the OBS users made videos too about it:

The principle is the same, and search should not be an issue either :slight_smile:

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I thought it was going depend on the Distro where OBS is installed in, I mention that because just to give you an example, I first installed OBS in Majaro GNOME and I wasn’t able to record the image of the principal monitor, it just recorded the audio and it showed a black screen, somewhere I read OBS is based on Xfce so now I know it works on Xfce, but Im a real beginner about this, thanks for responding.

The OBS recording only depends on how you set up your Scene. There are no predefines scenes from Manjaro, and i suppose there are none on other distros either. Their documentation should be more helpful.

Thank you again
As a reference I installed OBS on Linux Mint and it recorded with no problems showing the two screens. I have to test it with other distros, for example I have various computers, but have only tested OBS on Mint, I also use BunsenLabs, MX, Ubuntu Studio and Antix.

Besides that information as I told you I first installed the Gnome environment but wasn’t able to get the desktop recorded I just got the audio and a black screen so I decided to change to xfce and no problem, maybe I did something wrong on the other desktop interface.