OBS Studio 30.0.0.rc1.r12.g44f3f79-1 not work

action: upgraded obs-studio-git (30.0.0.rc1.r9.gc41633d-1 β†’ 30.0.0.rc1.r12.g44f3f79-1)
result: obs-studio Cannot launch

terminal command obs

obs: /usr/lib/libQt6Core.so.6: version `Qt_6.6' not found (required by obs)

This log message is clear. It informs you how to easily fix a problem. β†’ Install qt6-base

I recommend you to install obs-studio from Manjaro stable branch when you are in the stable branch. Uninstall obs-studio-git from the AUR. It is useless because you do not know how to fix it on your own.


I couldn’t launch when I installed 29.1.3-1 before, but it can be started after installation today. I don’t know why

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