OBS changes theme on startup


When I start OBS, I always have a low contrast theme, where I can’t see some words. When I go to the settings, it is supposed to be “dark default” already, but actually it isn’t. When I click on dark default again, then it finally changes to dark default.

I didn’t have the issue a few months ago, so I assume something must have changed in a recent update?

Anybody an idea how I can force the dark default theme on startup?

I just used another theme “System”. It has a nice contrast and it is working properly. When restarting, it keeps the “System” theme and everything looks fine (though not pretty). The probably only occurs with the “Dark” theme, which switches back to an ugly theme at every restart of OBS.

Manjaro XFCE 21.2.6
OBS 27.2.4-1

Thank you!

Ok, problem solved. I started the app “Kvantum Manager” and selected a dark theme for obs under “Application Themes”.

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