NVMe support in uboot-pinebookpro 2021.04-1

Does anybody know if the mainline u-boot for Pinebook Pro (uboot-pinebookpro 2021.04-1) supports direct booting from NVMe?

I have a uboot installed that does this but it doesn’t handle reboots well. If you reboot rather than power-off the PBP the display is corrupt when the device restarts.

Many thanks, Bruce

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I don’t know about NVMe, but Nadia Holmquist’s uboot has a patch that fixes the reboot bug (GitHub - nadiaholmquist/pbp-packages: Packages for using Arch Linux ARM on the Pinebook Pro laptop.)


Nadias Git have the patches needed to fix lcd after warm reset and also uboot nvme support.

I am not sure if those patches are present upstream.

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Thank you @maxjrh and @spikerguy. I was hoping to use the Manjaro u-boot on my PBP, just to keep my set-up as simple as possible, so I bit the bullet and tried it. Yes, it does support booting directly from NVMe :grin: but no, it doesn’t resolve the problem with the LCD after a warm reset :disappointed:.

Anyhow, thank you for pointing me at Nadia’s packages. I installed her u-boot package and and copied the two files over to my eMMC and all is good. It was a nice bonus to see the console output that previously was only available with a serial cable attached :grin:.

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