Nvidia X Server not saving settings

I’m having some issues saving the settings of above-mentioned application. I’ve tried sudo-ing it, but to no avail… I will always get the pop-up window with the following dialog. Even if I press ‘Apply’ and save the xconf, then press ‘Quit’.

The settings do not seem to get saved, as when I enter the system I always have to disable G-Sync - even if the box is unticked.

Cheers :slight_smile:

  1. The imgur link is invisible to me (I block all cookies)
  2. If you installed the nVidia card using the Manjaro autodetect system, did you also follow the Manjaro Wiki to incorporate the settings from the nVidia file into the autoconfig?


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Grazie, Fabri. I tried what the wiki says, but I end up with a black screen upon logging into the system. I have to tty and remove the nvidia.conf :confused:

No further bright ideas then!