nVidia settings missing some options

On Ubuntu I could’ve set forced anti aliasing and stuff like that. It’s unexisting on Majaro. Could somebody port that? I love forced full settings.

Click ADVANCED in Nvidia Settings.

Can you point where it is? I don’t see that.

Maybe there should be some “linux as platform” teams for delivering installables of drivers and desktop enviroments regradless of package manger of distribution, customized later by package manager…

Something like linux-wide development of some configuration files, because I always miss something that another distro has. On every distro.

Until now I’ve had it proper, but I wanted to move to another distribution, because text in office suite changed in front of my eyes, when I was writing something to judge. And that’s something like reason, to atleast reconfigure system. Before it worked well.

for my part using optimus manager i get the full options list in the Nvidia x server settings when i choose nvidia as my main gpu.
when it’s hybrid,i only get a few options like in your screenshot.

How to configure it for pure nvidia?

What DE are you running? I know nvidia advanced settings aren’t available on cinnamon

i have a laptop and use optimus-manager and optimus-manager-qt.
i don’t know what’s going on your end.

See my post nVidia settings missing some options - #4 by omano

//EDIT: OK ignore my post, have fun not fixing your issues.

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Now settings don’t even appear when I launch them, so I see none missing. Could’ve helped if I would be in marketing study.