NVidia Settings manager missing almost all options under KDE wayland while having all under x11

I have installed the meta package for KDE a while ago that lets me select Wayland on the login screen.

Wayland is worked fine, same with x11, but i have a Turing card that has the black screen flickering issue and since 545 was not pushed with this sync, i decided to check out Wayland again.

Wayland still works fine, but i need to manually set the powerstate of the GPU to temp fix the issue.

Why do i only see so few options in the Nvivida settings manager?

Until recently nvidia+wayland wouldnt work at all (and still doesnt with any of the lts/legacy drivers).
I’m not surprised that the same options for nvidia-settings are not available under wayland.

same here

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  1. 545 is not on stable branch yet
  2. That was a report from January this year.

Nvidia JUST started working towards Wayland, I even think 535 is the first that does anything major for wayland at all.

Wait until 545 arrives on stable.

Last year, even.