NVIDIA packages

I’ve just updated my Manjaro to the latest version and noticed that the following packages were updated as well:


Since this is Lenovo T14 with Intel UHD and Mesa and it’s not likely to change, do I still need these? Are there any additional packages I might want to remove?

Thank you.

If you have no Nvidia graphics card, then you can remove this package.

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If you delete these packages you’ll also delete recursively all mhwd and drivers. For your own safety don’t touch them.

So I need these in order to make sure mhwd is not broken?

TLDR : Not drivers, only database. Don’t remove.

As far as I know, those are just module ids for those drivers. They are not related to your system but more for mhwd to be able to detect your hardware automatically and choose the right drivers. I don’t know if removing them would break mhwd for you but I would recommend not doing so, since it is required by mhwd-db which is required by mhwd. So it might break mhwd (or the auto-installation part of it) in general. But it isn’t a driver anyways, just a database for mhwd.
To add further, if you check in your system, you will have mhwd-ati and mhwd-amdgpu and such packages installed too. Again just databases. The database is probably broken up this way so whenever new drivers are added or certain driver becomes more or less compatible with certain hardware, it is easier to just update or add few packages instead of updating the whole database. This is very well thought out and managed to be honest.

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It’s like the mirror list that is used to download packages from, but in this case only mhwd related.
See explanation of @audialche above…
Result: Don’t remove :wink:

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