Nvidia package provider nvidia-123xx ; mesa - which one to choose?


i wanted to install “handbrake” video converter and i tried to do it using pamac as people there told me pacman fails to offer optional dependencies.

It offered some dependencies and some of these dependencies triggered another ones so i was searching about what these do and ended up with this list:

$ pamac install handbrake intel-media-sdk ocl-icd intel-compute-runtime opencl-driver

Choose a provider for opencl-driver:
1: opencl-mesa 20.2.3-1 extra
2: opencl-nvidia-340xx 340.108-1 extra
3: opencl-nvidia-390xx 390.132-1 extra
4: opencl-nvidia-418xx 418.113-1 extra
5: opencl-nvidia-430xx 430.64-1 extra
6: opencl-nvidia-435xx 435.21-1 extra
7: opencl-nvidia-440xx 440.100-1 extra
8: opencl-nvidia-450xx 450.80.02-1 extra
9: opencl-nvidia-455xx 455.45.01-1 extra
10: intel-compute-runtime 20.45.18403-1 community
11: mesa-git 21.0.0_devel.132192.04c7fce799a-1 community

Enter a number (default=1):

here i am not sure which provider to select. Here are my kernel, cpu and graphics details. Please how to discover which driver to use, possibly for other readers with same question what is the general way to discover the right provider?

list your hardware

$ mhwd -lh

which drivers are installed

$ mhwd -li

Then select the dependency matching your system.

This is the output

Nothing in that output seems to match providers list above so what to look for in that output and how to match it to the providers list to select decent/right one please?

No solution yet