NVIDIA high refresh issues

Is the 530 nvidia high refresh issue likely to be fixed whenever the nvidia driver is next update, and is there a reasonable chance of it breaking again in the future after it’s fixed?

Basically, is this most likely a one time thing that I can wait out without updating for a few more months, or is it time to switch away from Manjaro if I want to avoid high refresh issues and don’t have the time to downgrade via AUR (+possible further time costs down the line with things being borked with manjaro updates)?

mhwd provides multiple nvidia driver series.

But otherwise … riding the nvidia releases … yes … you should expect more weird stuff coming down the pipe … because nvidia does that and its proprietary … so theres not much to do about it.

The linked issue is already pretty decent - someone has gone and created an installable 525 series in the AUR that seems to correct some issues because not all cards ‘supported’ by 530 are responding well (ty nvidia!). Unless you hold out hope for manjaro to add yet another nvidia driver series … you already have it about as well as you could expect.

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Ah meh I just did full upgrade because I needed some other stuff and went with the 470 nvidia from mhwd. Notice slight performance drop in one area vs 525, but it’s not a big deal. I’ll look into 525 from AUR if I absolutely have to.

Edit: actually Overwatch 2 won’t run now with nvidia 470, guess I will faff around with 525 from AUR now. At least my eyes don’t burn on the desktop while using the 470 drivers while I figure this out :slight_smile:
Also I actually never had any issues with nvidia drivers in the last 5 years on Manjaro, that’s why I was asking has something changed and is this likely to keep happening, but if it’s just nvidia nonsense and so far only once in 5 years, then I’ll just stick to my manjaro i3 on laptop and plasma on desktop I guess, too used to it to really bother changing now.

HOWEVER: one very noticeable (but irrelevant to me) problem… mouse speed is stupid fast (KDE Plasma) I used to have this mouse speed before logging in, and it would be slower after login. Now I have this really fast speed even after logging in, I took it down to the minimum speed in the KDE UI and it’s still really fast. Might just install leetmouse (raw accel type mouse driver for linux) again and run it just to properly set my mouse speed in linux (though tbh I could just get used to this speed again, I used to run far faster anyway).

An odd one … double check all your conf files in /etc/X11/... and/or /etc/modprobe.d/...

A hailmary might be using something like Option "SWCursor" "true" to force software rendering the cursor. This was sometimes helpful in a kind of reverse version of your problem where the cursor would sometimes be lost. Though not on nvidia and I am unsure of if it has a similar option or of its exact syntax.

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Just did the 525 from AUR… it was completely easy and painless, and even at 144hz it doesn’t have that painful feel of 530 on the eyes, so the eye pain wasn’t about refresh rate, just something else to do with the 530 drivers (looked and felt a bit like backlight strobing to my eyes on 530 drivers.)

Also, OW had started to feel a bit “off” somehow on the old manjaro 525 drivers, not sure what exactly just felt off and harder to track. With the AUR 525 drivers it’s back to being buttery :smiley:

Also had issue where if I left the game running in background for a few hours, it would sometimes just have the frame rate collapse to crap and need a restart, hopefully that’s somehow fixed.

Ofc idk for sure if this is about just the drivers, since so many things got updated. Either way, I won’t be lazy in the future. Wish I did this a few weeks ago already!

I just was kinda scared of using AUR for nvidia drivers; I did something with nvidia drivers from AUR back in 2018 in Manjaro i3 and it was a rather painful experience, that was the main reason for my reluctance to go that route.

Thanks <3

Edit: Oh the mouse speed thing I’m already used to, it’s just a trade off; a bit harder/slower to be accurate with some stuff in blender, but that is offset by all the advantages I forgot about, which you get from being able to cover your entire screen in about 2.5cm of mouse movement.

If I really want it slower just for blender then I have a python script I made ages ago to build and install leetmouse driver with whatever settings I specify in the script. This is my preferred workaround for more “as I want” mouse settings since I’m already familiar with the driver and already scripted installing/modifying it.

Discussion about how games “feel” has been moved to a separate topic. Feedback is fine, however it’s hard to follow it Announcements threads.

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Fair enough about announcements not being the place.

However imo “feel” is a reasonable term for this purpose; I could list a dozen possible reasons for it feeling off and potential descriptions of what technical reason may be making it feel off to me, but I don’t know what the actual reason is. I also know from experience that it’s very hard to guess the actual reason without testing and isolating variables (and then I need some one else to help me do valid blind tests).

The purpose of mentioning it was just if some one else was having a similarly subjective feeling that something is not quite right, then they might want to try updating manjaro fully and then trying the AUR 525 driver to see if that changes anything for them.

TBH, for all I know, OW2 is now running technically worse, but feels subjectively better to me.

In some cases I don’t think anyone really knows what terms to use except “feel”, e.g. 4khz and 8khz modes on mice feel clearly different (to some); many of us can pass blind A/B tests on this difference consistently but we don’t have a better word for it other than it feels different, and it’s a subjective feeling; one guy I know actually consistently prefers the 4khz feel when blind testing. None of us have the knowhow, time, and equipment to figure out for sure what the cause of this difference in “feel” is.

Though I understand the dislike of such terms; I can’t stand feel and “luscious highs” and other audiophile nonsense creative writing when it comes to audio components; I just want hard data. Just I don’t have the data in this case, just a sample-of-one with a subjective feeling that for whatever reason, everything feels smoother like it used to, as if the frame rate is more consistent, but I don’t know if the frame rate is more consistent, or the lows are better, or whether this is cpu or gpu related, or mouse related or kernel or what. I have no clue.

I could say nothing, or I could say doing x made y feel different and imo better, if you think y doesn’t feel as good as it used to then doing x might be something to try. Not especially useful, but for some one who also subjectively feels something is vaguely off, it might be of some use.

I appreciate your more detailed response. I tend to agree with your sentiments.

That reminded me of Joe Friday. :male_detective: