Nvidia GTX 1650 and Ryzen 5 processor

this is my fresh install i don’t want to break it quick.
so, i will install hybrid driver but it is asking for dependencies when i type yes nothing happens.Should i install it manually

“the last suppression from video-nvidia-450xx has deleted config nvidia for nouveau” i didn’t get this part

First install video-modesetting first, then you’ll be able to install it. It’s a bug in Manjaro, that it doesn’t prompt yes or no for dependencies, so you should install the dependency first, then the driver.

There is some problem with video-nvidia-XXXxx and video-vesa. Installing either one of them, my PC wouldn’t boot. So I recommend not to touch them.

Guys so installed hybrid amd nvidia drivers and succesfully rebooted so main problem solved.
mhwd -li
> Installed PCI configs:
video-linux 2018.05.04 true PCI
video-modesetting 2020.01.13 true PCI
video-hybrid-amd-nvidia-450xx-prime 2019.10.25 false PCI

will NVIDIA run program work now or i need separate command to run program on NVIDIA GPU ?

OpenCL/CUDA applications should be able to run on the nvidia GPU if you have the necessary opencl/CUDA packages installed. If you want to run OpenGL/Vulkan apps on the nvidia GPU, then download the nvidia-prime package, and do prime-run command. You can test it by comparing the outputs of the following commands:

glxinfo | grep "OpenGL vendor"
prime -run glxinfo | grep "OpenGL vendor"

Ideally, the outputs are different, and the second one says “NVIDIA Corporation”.

I am mostly going use steam with proton and video encoding, so which package i need. Is there any command to check gpu usage after running prime-run command ?

For graphical stuff, you need the nvidia-prime package, and you need to start the applications using prime-run. nvidia-smi or nvtop shows you the utilization of the nvidia gpu.

If you are using steam then launching it with lutris is the easiest way. You can set prime render off, feral gamemode and other options by toggling them on and off. Some steam games can mess up you screen resolution but lutris gives you the option to set screen resolution and quit steam on game exit

How to connect steam with lutris?
Anyway thank you guys, driver has been successfully installed and working, How I will update driver when next updates comes?
I do have problem with backlight linux is failing to recognize it and i cannot increase or decrease but i will make a separate thread for it.


  1. Did fresh install of manjaro i3
    2.ran mhwd -l
    3.Installed Video-linux with ```
    sudo mhwd -f -i pci video-linux
4. Installed latest hybrid driver
sudo mhwd  -f -i pci video-hybrid-amd-nvidia-450xx-prime
5.Restarted PC

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