NVIDIA GPU setup with BLender

Wondering if anyone has ideas.

I have one machine ‘A’ with a 4xx series NVIDIA GP and machine ‘B’ with an NIVIDA 3xxx series GPU.

Machine A uses the GPU with no problem when rendering with Blender 4.02.

Machine B does not use the GPU with the same settings in Blender.

Bender is set to use CUDA and GPU in both cases.

Both machines use the GPU when rendering a single frame scene, but not when rendering multiple frames.

Machine B shows 100% usage of all CPU cores, when rendering, but, only short bursts of GPU usage.

Machine A is the opposite.

I know there have been some NVIDIA updates lately and were applied to both machines.

I’m stumped.

It would probably be helpful to include some information.

A start could be inxi -Farz from the problem machine.

As I said I was looking for ideas.

inxi is a good idea.

I didn’t add much detail…basically because I didn’t have any.

But, turns out it was a render setting I’d not considered and nothing to do with Manjaro.


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