Nvidia GPU name changed after update. GPU sensors missing

I have a laptop with hybrid Intel+Nvidia graphics.
After update of Plasma from 5.25.5-4 to 5.26.2-1 I got Nvidia GPU sensors missing for the widgets and in the System Monitor.
Eventually I found out that all the sensors are there, but the Nvidia GPU name changed from gpu0 to gpu1. Therefore the sensors can’t be found by the old name, e.g gpu/gpu0/usage (see the screenshot). I believe it happened because before the update I have switched from Nvidia to Intel graphics.

Is there a way to change the Nvidia GPU name back to gpu0 so that the widgets and System Monitor can pick the sensors? Otherwise I have to manually change all the missing sensors.

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Missing GPU sensors in the System Monitor and in widget


same here. I renamed the sensor in my widgets …

Unfortunately after manually changing the sensors I found out that they all show 0 values. So there is more to this problem than I thought…

GPU sensors showing 0 values

same here. How to fix it?

Thanks for creating this thread, I also have the same problem.
Is there a way to go back to the previous version or to fix this problem?
I don’t even know what the problem is

Hi Everybody,

the solution is pretty simple. You have to ensure, that the nvidia drivers are loaded as early as possible. This also helps with some other problems, the nvidia card may cause. Like with DisplayLink or hibernation for example.

Edit /etc/mkinitcpio.conf

Find the MODULES section and add there inside the quotes or brackets nvidia nvidia_modeset nvidia_uvm nvidia_drm

Save out and rebuild the initramfs with sudo mkinitcpio -P

More about this and how to prevent forgetting to rebuild the initramfs after a Nvidia driver update see:

I hope I was helping.

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Thanks for the idea!

I’ve tried editing /etc/mkinitcpio.conf as you suggested. Unfortunately GPU sensors still show zero values.

Ok, since todays update, the problem is back. I am running now on 525.60.11 and the values are set to 0. The System Monitor detects the Nvidia correctly. The name sensor spits out the name of my card. But all others dont work. I will try to roll back to the 5.20 drivers and see if its the driver, that causes this.

I keep you updated on this issue.

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It seems to be a driver issue. I rolled back to 520.56.06 and here they are. All sensors work correctly and show all the values.

With my configuration it works with the 520.56.06 driver and early loading.

Here is the bug report to this issue.


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