Nvidia Error code 43 on win10 vm

So i was following Mutahar’s guide on how to do a single GPU passthrough vm https://youtu.be/BUSrdUoedTo

I have everything setup and ready to go but for some reason even with adding
<vendor_id state=“on” value=“1234567890ab”/>

I still get error code 43

My XML file: win10 vm xml - Pastebin.com

Edit: I had it working in the past (for those people who think single gpu passthrough is impossible)
I had to redo the vm bcuz of me being a dumbo and now its not working anymore.

This must be the most confusing kind of description there is … The Mutahar fellow in the video has more than one GPU on his machine, but only one is isolated for VM.
You definitely have just one GPU and you can’t have it passthrough to VM and on host in the same time … hence your Windows VM is giving an “hardware” error by the 43 code …

He actually does have just one GPU the thing is you basically unbind/unload your entire GPU from the host meaning you cant use both host and guest at the same time anymore but your vm will have a GPU.
And as far as i know my unload/unbind & rebind scripts work totally fine its just Nvidia with their weird anti vm error.

then he must be using this

otherwise, according to arch wiki

You still need the host to have a video that displays the vm display …
but then, maybe this is what is all about