Nvidia drivers and kernel updates

I don’t own an Nvidia graphics card but i wanna own one in the future, but i’m concerned if the kernel updates will break the proprietary drivers.

Am i gonna have trouble with Nvidia? Should i just go with AMD? Are AMD drivers as bad as some people say?

Kernel updates will not break proprietary drivers latest NVIDIA drivers are still supported by the latest kernels but like with proprietary stuff it depends on NVIDIA decides to do things and historically they haven’t been open source friendly.

AMD drivers were crappy for last gen GPUs as that entire line up was hasty attempt from AMD to stay relevant apart from that AMD drivers have been quiet stable. AMD 6*** series drivers are included in kernel 5.9 and 5.10 but i would incline towards kernel 5.10 for 6*** series GPUs.

Looking at the performance benchmarks i believe AMD 6800 is best GPU in terms of cost to performance.

What about the RX 590? The specs and performance are pretty nice i’m just concerned about the drivers.

Thats not really a thing.
Sometime recently the latest kernels blacklisted some nvidia stuff because of bad commits, et al.
I think thats all over now … but in any case manjaro will be offering at least as much compatibility as you will find in other linux.

This is not just a practical question but a philosophical one.
Only you can make decisions about your purchases - we dont do product recommendations here.
If you want to find out about nvidia support in linux, its drivers, and its poor track record of working with opensource you have the whole wide internet to look at.
AMD for its end is fully functional with opensource drivers.

I did my research but it’s all pretty confusing, some say AMD drivers are terrible while others say it’s not that bad, some say kernel updates break Nvidia (Like every single update), Nouveau is slow, AMD OpenGL is terrible (This is the main reason i would avoid AMD), my only concern is stability and drivers, i don’t want to have black screens, artifacts, screen tearing etc and going back to Windows is definitely not an option.

Then your research is flawed.

Updates dont break drivers. Kernel updates dont break nvidia drivers.

Nouveau is reverse-engineered … so it cant possibly be as good as the proprietary driver.

The proprietary driver is at the mercy of nvidia … and that should probably be your main concern - for example they may decide to simply drop support for your card.

AMD is supported by the open AMDGPU and that is widely considered the best opensource gfx driver available. AMDGPU users are not plagued with issues like ‘artifacts’ or other such problems.


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Drivers for AMD 5000 series were a mess and still as the product line itself was half baked.
Drivers for older GPUs didn’t had any issues.

Nvidia also works fine with proprietary drivers. Nouveau is slow and will remain like that because of NVIDIA.

I would suggest to wait for a while check out the reviews of both AMD and NVIDIA on Linux and by then there will be enough stock for the new GPUs.

Right now the GPU’s are lacking in stock, i’ll wait till the next year’s black friday, do you think the last gen gpu prices will drop? I live in Brazil and the prices are absurd due to taxes and other stuff, it’s gonna take me a few months to stock up some money but i’m sure i might get a nice deal during the black friday, also i might just pick Nvidia specifically the GTX 1660 TI.

There’s usually a price drop in last gen GPUs and this time around there should a significant drop as the new gen low end is competing with last gen middle-high end GPUs.

Regarding the prices CPU and GPU prices are absurd in India also it’s 1.5 to 2 times the US price.

In Brazil we pay 7 or 8 times the value.

It’s better to wait for new GPU lineup. Drivers are no ready yet.

Not really sure why these folks had so much trouble when it seems to work fine with the correct packages and such… this person seems to claim out-of-box support on ubuntu …

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