Nvidia-dkms needed for patched kernel... how to proceed?

I’m running Manjaro, but using a patched kernel from AUR since it has some nice fixes for my system. (It’s the linux-zen-g14 kernel running on my Asus Zephyrus G14 GA401IV_GA401IV.) I read somewhere that in order to have my Nvidia drivers rebuilt with each kernel update, I needed to switch to nvidia-dkms. Some time back I got the nvidia-dkms driver installed, don’t remember how :confused:… It rebuilds with each kernel update, but it doesn’t seem to update between versions of nvidia drivers.

When I try to sudo pacman -S nvidia-dkms, I get “Target not found: nvidia-dkms.” I’m starting to think that nvidia-dkms is available in the Arch repositories, but not Manjaro. I’ve seen in this thread some advice to not mix Arch packages in with Manjaro. I’m thinking of trying with nvidia-beta-dkms from AUR–I have no need for a beta driver, but at least I can easily install it.

Is there a reason nvidia-dkms drivers aren’t brought over to Manjaro? Have I backed myself into a corner by trying to use a custom kernel?

Thanks for any help you can give!

The nvidia-beta-dkms provides Nvidia 455 drivers if you just look at the package.
You will also need other nvidia-beta type of packages to have the full pack of drivers (trying to find my notes about that, will reply if I find it before someone else lists it all).

//EDIT: Can’t find my notes but it seems you’ll need nvidia-beta-dkms nvidia-settings-beta nvidia-utils-beta opencl-nvidia-beta and probably also lib32-nvidia-utils-beta lib32-opencl-nvidia-beta

I had notes from when I figured it out a while back and got everything working, I probably scraped them, but the trouble wasn’t worth it, it was to use the liquorix kernel and/or some other “optimized” kernel, but frankly I never crashed before with official kernels and had proper performance already… I crashed multiple time with these custom kernels so I said F.-it, let roll back to normal setup, don’t listen to people telling you that it will make a whole lot of a difference in performance (if that was why you went through that process).

nvidia-dkms is not needed in Manjaro. And if you need you have the AUR :slight_smile:

No, just that it sucks and you’ll need to build everything around it now, more work for no benefits, unless you absolutely require to use custom kernels, seriously not worth it, fun experiment if this is your jam, but really, why?.