Nvidia display shuts off, fans go to max!

So this new big issue scared the bejeebus out of me the last few days since latest stable update, kernel 5.10.70. The last two days were met with more and more frequent display cutoff and fan ramping up to maximum, much more than my demanding games do!

The display would cut off but I could still hear audio as if the system was still running??? This always seems to happen at a time that GPU would spike in usage, first in game, then in playing video files, then even youtube through firefox caused it. I couldn’t seem to Ctl + Alt + f2 or Alt + f4 and i want to think it is because my keyboard goes through the display USB then to system, when display cuts off the keyboard is cut off maybe? I had to resort to hard reset / shutdown.

Should I roll back updates or roll back Nvidia drivers? How can I fix this?

I don’t know what is going on, I’ve been working it out all day and my system has been throwing a fit. I keep finding problems to fix but they aren’t the problem causing crashes. Now I’m not sure what it is that triggers a crash. Everything seems fine ATM but will put it under load to see if it still crashes on me consistently that way.

Last edit: GPU is dying T_T

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The problem you describe seems eerily similar to mine. What Nvidia driver were/are you using? Is anything mentioned in the output of journalctcl -b -1? In my case I saw message regarding “GPU has fallen of the bus”.

How did you confirm your GPU was dying? And which GPU do/did you run?

I had a strix oc 1080. I had latest driver at the time, not sure exact. The card seemed good enough for simple display image but any intense or 3D applications crashes the system. Things like games would nearly instantly crash, using furmark kills it consistently at start. I feel a component is failed on the PCB, a physical issue with the card due to age or some kind of wear. I don’t know of bad gddr causing instant crash so consistently, the core seems fine or it wouldn’t display. I haven’t opened it up yet because I have no way to repair whatever it could be.