Nvidia beta driver

So after not updating my system due to the horrible and out of date (by at least 2 production branch drivers, and a beta driver) new feature branch 545.29.06, and not being able to install anything from the repo for a couple months… I was very happy today when I looked at the AUR and saw nvidia-beta 550.40.07-1.


So I finally updated again.

The problem is, when I look in pamac from my display that flickers orange after updating, it only offers me nvidia-beta 535.98-1.

How can I install the driver that is on the AUR website, which is for some reason different from the AUR in pamac?

If I can’t install it, I will have to roll back my system yet again. Which is ridiculous.

Edit:Is it possible that if I click build I will get the new version regardless of what it’s labeled as in pamac?

Edit2: Yes, it will give me the new version. However it’s a dependency nightmare because everything is labeled 535.98-1, so the script cant resolve the 550.40.07-1 dependencies.

I am restoring because I already deleted all my nvidia stuff.

AUR packages are “recipes” - descriptions how the thing in question is being compiled and then installed.
click view PKGBUILD

PKGBUILD - aur.git - AUR Package Repositories

In your case the kernel headers for all your installed kernels and dkms is needed
in addition to the prerequisite software so that you can even start using the AUR:
the package group base-devel

Next complication might be that Arch is not Manjaro - the kernels and their versions
and (I believe)
the naming scheme differ - which could lead to the script (the PKGBUILD) not working as it is.
But that I really don’t know.

Before you try to make that beta driver work - update the rest of your system.

Hi @jackson,

I just checked, and:

$ pamac search nvidia-beta
opencl-nvidia-beta  550.40.07-1                                              AUR
    OpenCL implemention for NVIDIA (beta version)
lib32-opencl-nvidia-beta  550.40.07-1                                        AUR
    OpenCL implemention for NVIDIA (32-bit, beta version)
nvidia-beta-dkms  550.40.07-1                                                AUR
    NVIDIA driver sources for linux (beta version)
nvidia-beta  550.40.07-1                                                     AUR
    NVIDIA drivers for Arch's official 'linux' package (beta version)

So I suspect if you still only have

…your package lists are out of date. Try updating them:

This doesn't seem to work.
pamac --force-refresh

But this does:

  • Do a force refresh of the databases:

    pamac update --aur --force-refresh

    But do not continue with the update when prompted. I suggest this only to force a refresh of the databases.

…and searching again.

(I think you need to force it because it seems to have an older package list.)

Hope this helps!

sounds like an outdated mirror to me: Packages