Nvidia-455xx-dkms disappeared from AUR, nvidia-dkms not in manjaro repo


I’m usually running the xanmod kernel and until yesterday, I could add the nvidia driver with the package nvidia-455xx-dkms in the AUR and keep a standard manjaro kernel installed with the nvidia driver provided by mhwd as a backup. The 455 dkms package disappeared from aur and now I can’t use a custom kernel with nvidia 455 anymore, the only way is to install the nvidia-beta-dkms package that try to remove the mhwd installed driver, this way I don’t have a working manjaro standard kernel as backup.
Adding the nvidia-dkms package to manjaro repositories would allow to use some custom kernel without relying on custom aur packages or manually install it, can you please consider to add this package?


see here


what I should see in this changelist? there isn’t any dkms package changed

nvidia-455xx-dkms was one of my packages.
It was created for users with custom kernels, but arch users already have dkms in, so they no longer need it in AUR and I’ve got a deletion request.
This was initially a bad idea to create any dependent packages in AUR when I don’t use Arch due to the fact that packages in Arch and Manjaro are updating at different time, so they have different versions and Arch users that tried to install or update it experienced troubles.
So I think we need nvidia-dkms package in Manjaro repo too.
You can find my PKGBUILD here: pastebin. com/zwZYdRFw

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How likely is the possibility that nvidia-dkms packages for Manjaro will be created in the near future? Who do we talk to about this?