Nvidia 450xx borks my install

Hi, peeps!

Looks like trying to install the latest drivers (450) borks my PC and I have to remove them and reinstall the old ones (440). I’m running the latest (58) kernel. I tried what @bogdancovaciu told me to do, but to no avail…

Ref this post forum dot manjaro dot org/t/package-conflicts/20004/2

This happenes to me. When I boot, I get a message saying

mount: unrecognized filesystem `efivarfs`

I have fixed the issue by removing the 450xx packages I installed and then reinstalling the 440xx ones.

Have a look at this and follow the whole thread: Nvidia-450xx-utils and nvidia-440xx-utils are in conflict

It’s all over the place with nvidia drivers going from 440 to 450.

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Yes, I was following that thread and I did exactly what the other guy did and it worked ;D

I am going to mark this issue as solved :ok_hand:

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