Nvidia-340xx-dkms update forces non LTS kernel install

I recovered my system and it’s running fine with nvidia-340xx-dkms on kernel linux54 LTS (on which I had planned to stay on my 2009 mbp) but I received an update for the driver that forces me to install kernel 59, 510 or 511. I thought I better ask first…

My questions:: Lets say I go ahead and do the upgrade and it doesn’t work. Will the currently working older version that works with linux54 be automatically re-installed should I need to remove the higher kernel? UPDATE:Yes.

Wouldn’t that also mean that on relevant nvidia-340xx hardware the linux54 kernel couldn’t coexist with higher kernels since they would need two versions of the same pkg? UPDATE: No

And finally, is it possible to ignore the update and stay on linux54 or will future kernel updates fail because there’s no ‘update’ to the older nvidia-340xx-dkms version or will this pkg be good for all linux54 updates? Or is it easier to set both kernel and nvidia-340xx-dkms updates to ignore, at least for the time being.

As always, thanks for any help.

UPDATE: Fixed with the help of @GokuSan who chipped in on my other thread https://forum.manjaro.org/t/fully-working-grub-on-totally-black-screen-after-nvidia-340xx-dkms-build-and-install/53919/18, please find the solution there. Thanks.

Stable update of 19.02. (including kernel updates) went super smooth!

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