NVIDIA 3070 + AMD Graphics Card?

Ok, I switched the priority, and all 6 screens now seem to work. Thank you so much!

I did notice that it took out the audio to the USB Schiit 3 DAC.
Strangly the ASUS AI Mic adapter DAC works just fine.

I tried unplugging the DAC USB and replugging it, but this didn’t help, nor did restarting pulse using systemctl --user restart pulseaudio* or pulseaudio -k

It shows up, but no audio is to be had. It’s not muted and the slider for it works just fine, just no audio plays, but it did before I restarted :slight_smile:

Stats: https://0x0.st/-0yL.txt

Audio Subpanel (Selecting the Schiit (which is on and powered, I verified it was playing right before I did the restart) doesn’t play sound):

Any ideas as to why only that one went bad?

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