Number of prints per DCPT420W ink refill

Can anyone tell me if the information on the brother’s website for the DCPT420W printer is real to make 7500 prints per ink refill?

Ink: btD60bk and BT5001

of course it is real - but to know and appreciate what that “really” means
you’d have to dive into the information that they give - what “Brother original methodology” actually means - how they got to this estimate:

**Quoted approx. yields are extrapolated based on Brother original methodology using Test Pattern ISO/IEC 24712. Quoted approx. yields are not based on ISO/IEC 24711.

the difference in ink needed between a test pattern and your real world use case can be significant - or not … :wink:

but you already know this …

Based on a fixed reference for comparison only. It isnt a realworld scenario. Similar situation with Car manufacturers and Fuel consumption.

I spent 20 years as a printer/fax/copier repairman. I am factory trained on over 60 different printers/fax/copiers. I have serviced way over 600 different machine types.
Wet ink is used to clean the printer heads every so often. If you leave it on and dont use it , printers will periodically clean the heads, wasting ink. Secondly, wet ink dries over time. Same problem if you dont use the printer a lot. This will impact how many prints you get.

Remember the company that makes a printer makes most of its money from selling ink. They design them to run out of it fast.


The given number is somehow reliable. I have used the same model for nearly a year, and had only refilled the black ink once. I think the number of pages I had printed were about 5000.

Hi I have the new DCP-J1140DW brother printer. The ink ran out and I bought some refill ink where you create a hole and pour the ink in. Frustratingly because the microchip is telling the printer that the cartridge is empty it now won’t recognise there’s ink in there? Is there a work round to this? I’m a teacher and I use the printer at school, I can’t afford to keep buying the proper brother inks and they don’t seem to have released compatible ones for this printer yet.

There are two types of chips on ink cartridges. One where it sets a specific number of prints per cartridge, refilling them will not help. The other detects when the ink is gone. With these you can refill them, but dont wait until any color is empty. Once empty the cartridge is no good. Check it after every so many prints and when it gets half way top off the ink.