Notifications sound for Chromium

Is there a way for desktop notifications to make a sound when coming from Chromium?
I realize there is a note in Notifications settings that says for Chromium that “This application does not support configuring notifications on a per-event basis” which is where the sound options for notifications are.

I was just wondering is there a work-around for this issue with Chromium?

Quick update/possible solution: Just found out that there is an option for notifications in Audio settings, and it was on mute. Unmuted it and now awaiting notification from Chromium to see if it will produce a sound. Damn.

Hi @forest,

Perhaps you can find what you’re looking for in System SettingsPersonlisationNotifications.

On the bottom of that window there is a button Configure. Click that to configure settings for individual applications’ notifications.

Hope this helps!

Yeah false alarm , still not working.

Thank you for your suggestion but I already wrote that I tried that. There is no configuration for Chromium.