Notifications - disable wifi notification?

Cinnamon desktop. I got sick and tired of notifications telling me that my connection is established so I opened Notification settings in the MSM/ System settings and disabled it.

Now, - enable notifications is disabled - turned off . Turning it off had absolutely no effect. My system is still notifying me of every trivial little thing. Am I in the wrong settings to deal with this problem . I don’t need to be notified of Kernel updates . I’m fully capable of checking occasionally for kernel updates - manually.
I searched the forum for this issue and found other related issues but not this exact issue.

pamac remove manjaro-settings-manager-notifier :person_shrugging:t4:

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For wifi etc. It is not THAT notifier, it is the general system settings.

thank you , mithrial
and Teo

so, just for the sake of knowing , what/where is the other " notifier " ?
uh, nevermind . I get it now. in my original question in this thread I included the “kernel” notifications in my question but now I see the 2 different notifiers. I want to disable the system setting notifications for stuff like , connecting to internet, but like I said , disabling it has had no effect and I’m not sure if the command I followed from mithrial has taken care of that or not. I will find out soon enough if I do or don’t continue to get notices .

is only responsible for the kernel notifications and languages.
The wifi annoyance is in the Settings-Notifications-Applications-Network Manager on a XFCE desktop, i do not know about gnome.

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A little clarification please? You mention Cinnamon, yet tagged the post with gnome. Your profile info states you’re using Xfce.

EDIT: It seems another Moderator went ahead and changed the tag from gnome to cinnamon which matches your first post. :man_shrugging:


yes. I wanted to try cinnamon.

I’m still getting notices for connection established , etc. . nothing to be done about it?