Notification Icon for Pamac, but no Updates

I’m getting a notification for Pamac but my system is fully updated. Did an update yesterday for a flatpak and it’s still showing. Been looking through the settings but nothing is tipping me off. Any ideas where I should look at?

Screenshot from 2024-02-19 17-18-13

clean? pamac clean ? pamac clean -b ?
force refresh? pamac update --force-refresh ?

did you enable a check for foreign package changes - AUR or flatpak?

There might still be a wonky issue with Dash to Dock. Does this work?

You actually have to clear the notification panel manually and then the badges match. Press the super key (Windows button) + V and clear list. All your badges will sync and be correct. Gnome stores all your notifications until you clear them and all are reflected in the application badges.

Notification badge counter persistant or wrong number displayed · Issue #1964 · micheleg/dash-to-dock · GitHub

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Yes I enabled flatpak and allowed it to check for updates.

Thank you that was it, it was a notification that it had updated packages successfully.

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