Notification Daemon (KDE - XFCE)

I’m being using Linux for a year or so, (though I have only recently used Manjaro) and I enjoy the ability to easily swap DE. My primary DE is Plasma but I thought I’d try out XFCE for a bit. I installed it on a seperate User but it wasn’t to my liking so I removed it with the command

  • pacman -Rnsdd xfce4 xfce4-goodies kalu*
    Though XFCE was removed it’s notification daemon is still active and taking control my notifications rather than Plasma. How would I delete the XFCE daemon or at least replace it with Plasma’s.

Hello and welcome to Manjaro,

Not a very inspired move, but some people need to learn from mistakes. :slight_smile:

Remove xfce4-notifyd package and reinstall knotifications package. Maybe even reinstall the kf5 group all together. Also you will find the use of VirtualBox a good playground for such “experiments” in the future, so that way you can keep your main install clean and tidy.

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Yes. I realise that now.
Thank You!

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