Notebook camera not working

I have installed a current Manjaro version on the following notebook: HP Elite X2 1012 G2

Everything runs very well and out of the box.
Also the performance is very good.

The front and rear camera do not work.

Appropriate screenshots follow.

How can I solve the problem ?

Thanks for your help.


According to this Bug #1913809 “internal webcams of HP Elite X2 G2 not supported” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu comment #25 you might need to install
libcamera libcamera-ipa libcamera-tools gst-plugins-libcamera

Other than that, not sure if there is 100% support.

Another solution here: camera is not working, is there anyway to solve this problem? · Issue #1027 · sebanc/brunch · GitHub and the linked 86 release facetime not working. in 85 release it is working only in guest mode. Anybody now how to solve it? · Issue #627 · sebanc/brunch · GitHub .

All right.
That settles the issue.

What websites are there to check if the individual hardware or notebook model is supported ?

Where can I check if there is an official bug on this topic ?
What is your approach ?

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