Note to update initramfs

Last update had a note “Don’t forget to update initramfs after making changes with sudo mkinitcpio -P” But isn’t that done during the update process?

It does for any kernels when they are installed or removed.
And it may additionally do so also depending on hooks you have.

I dont know which message you are referring to exactly and in what context as it is not copied here.
But if changes were made to mkinitcpio.conf, for example, then you would need to rebuild the initramfs.

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If there is a mkinitcpio.conf.pacnew, then you will need to merge that, and after merging — or at least, if your initcpio configuration has changed after merging the files — you will need to rebuild the initramfs, because the one generated as part of the update process was still using your old mkinitcpio.conf.

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