Not updating in a long time

Generally speaking, how long can I leave Manjaro un-updated and still expect the system to not break when I eventually do?

You should never leave a rolling-release distro un-updated. It might cause security issues and system breakage at any moment. :slightly_smiling_face:
Stability of Manjaro un-updated <= Heisenberg’s uncertainty :wink:


Ask Schrödinger.
But ideally, update whenever you can.


There is no answer to this question.


If you are someone who can navigate ‘bumps in the road’ like manually installing needed keyrings and such … then you can probably wait months or more.
But it is not advisable at all.
For example - running an outdated browser is a real security concern. Also your ability to install new software will become increasingly diminished, or even destabilizing to your running system. And so on.

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