Not receiving forum messages

A few days ago I sent the message below to the manjaro-general-owner. I have received no reply, hence posting here. Could someone advise, please?

I previously used the rss feed to obtain the initial posting of each topic. I read several messages of interest through that. It was a good idea.

On the new forume I have set up what I think will allow me to receive emails on each posting in the General forum, to get around the absence of rss. So far I have received nothing. My settings are:

Mail Delivery: Enabled
Receive Own Posts: Yes
Topics Subscribed To: (none)
Match Topic Filter: No

I think those are the only relevant ones?

I think the rss functionality should still work. see: Manjaro Forums RSS Feeds – and Why You Might Want it - Tutorials - Manjaro Linux Forum

The original link…
… does not work - gets an error page.

Thanks for the link, which I followed, but found nothing useful. Not helped by the missing pictures.

I received an email when you posted but it’s the only one. For another topic I posted I received nothing and have no emails for other peoples’ postings. Have I got the profile settings correct?

It does not work because it is a page from the old forum. If you put archived in the url you will get an rss feed.

Try this:

Adding “archived” validates but only for the archive, which is no longer updated.

The graphics driver link works but only for that topic. On the old forum I received the initial message for each new topic, from which I could select one that I was interested in.

I now seem to be getting emails for my own topic, by the way, though not for anyone else.

Still not getting any emailed messages so no longer aware of potential problems with manjaro. I really do miss the rss feed. :frowning:

That category does not exist in the new forum, try one that does.