Not possible to go in the forum, then subscribed again under the same name

Hi there,
It is very strange.
I was in this forum for a while then spent some time without visiting.
It was not possible to log in and could not been able to get the password back.
By the way I recorded myself under the same name and found some old posts I did in the past
How is it possible??

Hi @mulanee , and welcome (back, apparently)!

There was a problem and the forum crashed and all the data was lost. That would explain having to re-register.

I don’t know how that is possible.

Only the image files were lost during forum migration last year

Text data is still available - Search results for '@mulanee ’ |

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If you haven’t visited since august, here’s the memo.


Thank you everybody for your answers.
Happy to be there again, and also to recover my old litterature even in read only mode :slight_smile:

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