Not getting Manjaro Signature

Hi All,
I have a multiboot system with Manjaro and Debian, in the boot menu I can see

  1. Manjaro
  2. Debian
    After a debian upgrade when I am checking again I see
  3. UEFI(P2-HGSTsome numbers)
  4. Debian

When I enter UEFI after entering the encryption password am able to log in into Manjaro and do everything - I just want to see the Manjaro signature in the boot menu - when I enter into boot settings also I can seee the UEFI entry but not the Manjaro entry - is there a way to reinstall the signature - is it even called a signature ?

No, it’s not. It’s a boot loader menu entry. Signatures are something completely different.

If you can boot into Manjaro via the UEFI, then do so and enter the following command… :arrow_down:

sudo grub-install --recheck && sudo update-grub

Another way would be to boot up from the Manjaro installer USB in live mode, open up a terminal, and then issue the following commands… :arrow_down:

sudo su -
manjaro-chroot -a

Choose your Manjaro installation, and then issue the following commands… :arrow_down:

grub-install --recheck

After this, it should be safe to reboot, and then Manjaro should be added to the boot menu again.


Thank you so much.

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