Not enough free space


This is the first time since version 0.8 that I’ve had to ask for help.
The 2024-01-13 update ends in a dead end !
“pas assez d’espace libre” (not enough free space)

Note that a friend had the same problem during the previous update, having been unable to find a solution his system had been reinstalled.

Hardware report :
Operating system: 6.1.69-1-Manjaro
Intel(R) Core™ i7-8700T CPU @ 2.40GHz
Memory 16209MB (5546MB used)
SCSI Disks Seagate BUP Slim ST1000LM 048-2E7172
Size 476.94 GB, dual boot Win 10 / Manjaro
Dedicated partitions for Manjaro
/ 30 Gb, Used 27.54 Gb, Free 2.46 Gb
/home > 207.55 Gb, used 148.72 Gb, free 58.83 Gb

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Isn’t the solution obvious? Free enough space.


try to clean the cache with sudo pacman -Scc

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@ zbe
Thank you for your promptness.
Of course, why didn’t I think of that?
It’s obvious that to update Manjaro requires much more than 2.46 Gb of free disk space.
Unless it’s the 16 GB memory that’s a bit weak to serve Mjro.
What do you recommend?
A 1 TB SSD and 160 Gb RAM
Re read my hardware report. :wink:

And what do you expect Manjaro can do for you? Either remove enough bs you have on root partition or resize it. And I don’t know what ram has to do with any of it.

Thank you @Teo for this constructive suggestion.
I did it without really believing it because I systematically clean the cache after each update or package build because I build darktable daily to integrate the day’s commits for testing purposes. This compilation is a heavy user of resources.
I probably forgot to clean it up last night.
I’m going to make a hook to make sure I don’t forget again.

You could use btrfs.

  • Shared volume, separate subvolumes for /, /home, /var/log …
  • Compression (on my pc ca. 50% over all)
  • Possible snapshots

You can find good Information about Btrfs in the wiki

This could give you 100GiB free :wink:

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Not bad at all, it’s consistent !
Thank you for the links, which I shall consult

Solved but there is a small bug on the pop up warning window.
It is frozen, as is the [ Close ] button in the pop-up window.
You need to kill the pamac process PID.

Welcome to the forum! :wave:

How? Please don’t mark your own reply as the solution. Which helpful volunteer’s post provided the information that helped? When someone reads this thread, which post will help them if they have a similar issue?

The what now? :thinking: Did you mean the pamac-manager process for Pamac (aka Add/Remove Software)?

Please see:

Sorry, corrected
Please excuse my ageing neurons

It’s also worth checking e.g. du -h /var/log/journal/ to see if you have logs filling up space on your disk.

No worries. You’re excused. :smile:


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Go in Pamac GUI and reduce each package to keep to 1

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