Not bootable after updates

Is there a known issue for unbootable manjare after the last bunch of updates? I updated yesterday everything and went to bed. Today manjaro was not bootable. I tried to manjaro-chroot and refresh my grub but it made things worse (even grub did not boot then).
I risked the switch to linux with manjaro in february and up to this point this was the second time this is happening. The last time only a fresh install could help so I did it over the day with the newest download (kde) but even this is not running smoothly… I first updated all standard packages and then went on with trying to insall lutris and my games. During this I got again a unbootable state.
At last this evening I tried a fresh install without updating the standard packages but only installing the nvidia 550 drivers (reboot directly after this) wich let in a state where “failed to load kernel modules” is shown.
Is there a general problem?

All known issues are posted in the Announcement wiki with a workaround

Is important that after the update you either shutdown the system or you reboot. If you didn’t do that and let it run, it might have gotten in sleep mode and the waking up didn’t work … etc etc.

You mean the drivers for your GTX 550 ? Or is a typo about the drivers version you installed ? 455xx are the latest, so maybe you wanted to write 450xx ?

make sure you run from TTY:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyuu

sudo mhwd -i pci video-nvidia-450xx
sudo mhwd -i pci video-nvidia-455xx
depending what you want and if your GPU is supported.

Thank you very much! This seems to work for now. But after all a strange feeling persists. Are the graphical tools for updating and installing software really that unreliable?

This is the second time manjaro was not bootable after regular updates via the graphical update software.

Is there somewhere a collection of what to do in this situation? E. g. how to enable the logs during startup and shutdown?

For me are reliable, but could depend also on other factors like internet connection, mirrors, using or having opened some software during the update.

Usually each update has an announcement to known issues or when the user is suppose to do some interventions manually. On rolling releases things change fast. Most of the issues are tracked and solved while in testing and unstable branches, but particular issues can arise.

What I meant was more on how I can debug this. If my manjaro does not boot I see only the std screen of my mainboard. No logs or anything. Is it possible to have the kernel logs visible?

You can remove quiet from boot by editing the linux line, or try to boot in runlevel 3 then access the log files or simply run from TTY
journalctl -b1
to see the last boot logs.

In that instance can you access another TTY ?

How do I do that?

Ctrl+Alt+F3 for example to access/switch to TTY3