Not actual support of dark themes on Gnome (see screenshot)

Hello everybody,
After a long time i3 user I give a shot to Gnome (because of PopShell).
But I noticed that when choosing any default dark theme (e.g. Matcha Dark or Adwaita-dark), in many windows there is white text on white background.
Examples with default Manjaro settings and with one random application (kdiskmark):
On that second one it might be difficult to see but it says Read and Write on top.
I didn’t change anything and it’s bothering because I didn’t know where to change that…

If someone can help…

Hi @sanjibukai,

KDiscMark is a KDE application, and as such it uses the KDE QT framework, while Gnome uses GTK. (Or that’s my understanding at least.)

Hence, the theme for Gnome will not work on KdiscMark. I don’t use Gnome, I use KDE, but there should, somewhere in Appearance settings, be a place to select the QT theme. Just as there is a place in KDE Appearance settings to set the GTK theme.

I do not know if the other screenshot it KDE/QT, but I doubt it. In that case it might be a GTK 2/3 theming difference, so look into that as well.

Hope this helps!


@Mirdarthos is right. In your case, you should choose a matching dark theme for QT apps on the Kvantum application.

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As @Mirdarthos already is on to there is a difference in appearance for the toolkits.

Qt applications and GTK applications are and will be differently themed / using different themes.

This is why a theming app like Kvantum exist. Most Manjaro editions has a unified theming because the maintainers has made an effort to make the theming consistent.

That consistency does not apply to any and all themes you can apply. If you are applying theming other than the Manjaro defaults then you will keep on getting issues and you will have to work out these inconsistencies on your system by yourself.


Tahnks all!
Indeed I was only looking at the Appearance options on the Tweaks application that comes in default.
I didn’t checked Kvantum. And When I choose the same dark theme, it worked!
I was confused because besides Kdiskmark I installed myself and that it uses another “library”, it was also the same for other default windows (like the Manjaro setting manager)…
Anyway thank you very much!
(@Signalrunner @linux-aarhus I choose the first answer as the solution, even if yours are also solution because of the Kvantum mention. Thank you!)

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Thank you for your nice comment.

You mark the comment which got you on track :slight_smile: Personally I am not a solution hunter - I am just helping where I can - hopefully increasing the overall value for the readers after me.


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