Not able to RDP from Windows to Manjaro VM via xrdp/xorg

I'm new to Arch and Manjaro, but already spent about a full day on this.

I'm currently running a Windows 10 host with a Manjaro (Gnome edition) guest VM. I'm trying to connect from the host, via Remote Desktop, to the guest. I got this working with Ubuntu via xrdp/xorg, so I'm trying to make the same stack here.

I recreated my VM, installed xrdp (from AUR), xorgrdp, and tigervnc, and enabled xrdp.service and xrdp-sesman services with systemctl. I also tried logging out from Hyper-V's console and RDPing in, and restarting - not logging in at all - and connecting via RDP. Same symptoms:

When I remote in, I get the session manager screen (blue screen with a pop-up asking if I want xorg or xvnc); entering correct credentials hangs for about two minutes, and shows this error dialog:

If I CTRL+ALT+2, go to the console, log in, and run startx, it loads and runs fine.

I didn't see anything useful in the Xorg.0, xrdp, or xrdp-sessman log files. Because of VMs, I can't easily copy/paste logs. Here's what I found in the sessman log:

`[INFO] starting Xorg session ...
[DEBUG] Closed socket 9 (AF_INET
# ... several of these
[INFO] calling auth_start_session from pid 738
[INFO] Xorg :10 -auth .Xauthority -config xrdp/xorg.conf -noreset -nolisten tcp -logfile .xorgxrdp.%s.log
[ERROR] X server for display 10 startup timeout
[CORE] waiting for windwos manager (pid 751) to exit
[ERROR] X server for display 10 startup timeout
[ERROR] another Xserver might already be active on display 10 - see log
[DEBUG] aborting connection ...
[CORE] window manager (pid 751) did exit, cleaning up session
[INFO] calling aut_stop_session and auth_end from pid 738

xrdp.log just has a bunch of Closed socket 19 (AF_UNIX) messages and then these three:

xrdp_wm_log_msg: connection problem, giving up
xrdp_wm_log_msg: some problem

Any ideas how I can further troubleshoot and fix this?

Hi NightBlade

I am more or less in the same boat as you (Windows Host, Manjaro VM), but was able to get it working with the help of the following post and a bit of google translate:

To be a bit more specific, to get XRDP/Xorg working, the changes and edits I had to make were these two:

First I had to create the Xwrapper.config file in /etc/X11/ with the following line:


The post above also mentions adding


to a new line into this file as well, but that wasn't necessary for me, so I only have allowed_users=anybody in it right now.

After creating this file, I had the effect that I no longer got stuck when logging in at the session manager screen after connecting with windows RDP, however, I always got kicked out immediately. The screen just turned black for a brief second and then it was back to the start. Still no desktop but at least some progress...

The second thing I had to do was editing the .xinitrc in my home folder:

In this file, I had to go to line 42, which initially looked like this:

local dbus_args=(--sh-syntax --exit-with-session)

There I removed the "--exit-with-session" parameter in the brackets:

local dbus_args=(--sh-syntax)

The file in the end is now looking like this:

After this change, I was finally able to successfully connect and load the desktop over RDP/Xorg and seems to be working without a hitch so far.

Now, I'd like to stress that I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing and that I don't know what the effects of these two changes actually are. A lot of this comes from the post mentioned above. I'm still trying to figure out how things work myself, but maybe this might help you or give someone else some pointers where to start looking.

Good Luck!


Hey! Thanks a bunch for this, it actually works for me now! Thank you so much!

The key for me was local dbus_args=(--ssh-syntax) - I already had allowed_users=anybody set. Also, strangely enough, when I first remoted in, I get three tiny shell windows; closing them closed my session, and connecting again started X correctly.

I got a request for an administrator password pop-up the first time (something to do with colour profile / polkit?) but entering the correct password logged me in, and subsequent connections didn't request any additional credentials.

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