How to change color scheme of breeze icon

I heard that the breath-icon-theme is going to be deprecated in the future, so I change my icon theme to breeze. However, I don’t like its default blue colour scheme. I heard that breeze icon is now colour-aware, but I couldn’t find the way to change the colour of the icon (e.g. makes dolphin’s icon green again).
I tried to set the accent colour manually in appearance > color. However, it doesn’t seem to change dolphin icon’s colour.
Any tips would be appreciated.

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Damn, yes. For the last 2 years I have gotten used to the green folder design. I won’t get used to it again because it makes sense to me even with the other file-specific colors. How do I get the green for folders back easily and permanently? I’m a little bit pissed off :wink: Thanks for any help

Wait for the update … it was only merged in KDE itself about a day ago …


i don’t that u can change color of a pre-existing icon theme. just go to appearance and change the icon theme. u can install icon themes such as papirus, vimix from kde store or aur.

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