Not able to mount /boot/efi systemd. Why this would occur?


I dual-boot (Windows 10 and Manjaro) with UEFI.
For some reason, /boot/efi was not able to mount during startup when booting into Manjaro.
I resolved this issue by restoring a previous snapshot using timeshift.

However, I was wondering why this was would happen.
I have a suspicion that when I installed steam-native and linux-steam-integration with dependencies on Pamac GUI, this caused an issue. I was told that a restart was needed after installing these packages but Pamac never updated the intramfs or updated grub.

I also noticed Windows had fast startup enabled so I disabled this before restoring the previous snapshot but /boot/efi was still unable to be mounted so I don’t think this was the issue.

After restoring the previous snapshot, I installed steam-native and linux-steam-integration with dependencies, updated inframfs, and updated grub. Everything booted normally.

I highly doubt your issues have anything to do with these. No I’m sure this has nothing to do.

My guess from what is here would be:

fast startup was enabled
due to this, the FAT filesystem where the EFI resides was also left in an unclean state when windows was shut down
(not sure of course - I don’t have windows)

then you disabled fast startup again and it was shut down, properly - which then left it in a clean state

and then restored from snapshot
did you try booting to manjaro prior to that?

the restore from snapshot was possibly not even necessary

just a guess

Yes, I tried booting up the system again into Manjaro after I disabled fast startup before restoring the snapshot.

The issue most likely was something with Windows.

perhaps - we probably will never know :wink: