Not able to install it

Hello -

I feel a bit stupid. It’s the same problem as described under help-not-able-to-install-manjaro/36377 but not exactly.

Note that I have installed Manjaro on that laptop many times, and used it for years, actually it is still there but I wanted to do a new installation. Last time I installed it was maybe 6 -9 months ago and that went fine as usual.

I am failing to get the installation screen. I tried free and non free. In the first instance I got stuck on uevents and added nomodeset as well as i915.modeset=0 which enabled me to go further but not much. I see lightDM tries to start, is started and then stopped a couple of times. Followed by another service which start and stops successfully. Finally TLP start and stops successfully.

At this stage the process hangs. I cannot switch to another console. Or rather I kind of manage once but it’s just the screen flashing and taking me back to the installation output. But not a second time. All services/processes start OK (they’re all green). Although I kind of see some pink ones but it’s too fast and they disappear from the screen.

I am installing Archlinux at the moment… Maybe it is my destiny telling me to go the hard route or not, but it’s nevertheless weird. So far no problem, but it’s time consuming

The laptop has an Intel IRIS with an I7 4th gen. As I wrote, manjaro is running fine on it. I just cannot reinstall it atm, although I did that a lot. There’s two SSDs in there.

Sorry for having no clue. I hope you are more knowledgeable that I am. Also, I never had to tweak kernel parameters in the past for it to boot. The BIOS is megatrends from 2012. Not sure if I can update it, if that’s the cause.

Thanks guys (and gals)!

Hey -

I’m sorry but I just tried arcolinuxd, passed the two kermel params and now i’m in the installer.

I will close this ticket.

As a matter of fact, I am back to manjaro after solving my problem.

Setup was initially hanging at triggering uevents and after searching the net for a solution I applied nomodeset and i915.modeset=0 and removed nouveau.modeset and radeon.modeset, but that was still not working. And probably a bad idea.

To make it work: I do not specify nomodeset (as I think it is not a good idea with intel cards), I don’t change i915.modeset=1, but I still remove nouveau.modeset and radeon.modeset.

It seems to me as if specifying multiple .modeset was the issue.

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