Nordvpn somehow conflicts with nautilus

Hi everybody, I successfully configured nordvpn 3.14.2 on Manjaro 5.4.210-1 and it works well. I also set up samba just before and edited smb.conf file as well, in order to remotely access files.

A few moments later I noticed that nautilus (my current file manager) wasn’t opening from the menu. Than I found out that it wasn’t launching from terminal neither. Launching as root was working fine.

When it failed in terminal it gave:

“(org.gnome.Nautilus:8600): GVFS-WARNING **: XX:XX:XX.XXX: The peer-to-peer connection failed: Timeout was reached. Falling back to the session bus. Your application is probably missing --filesystem=xdg-run/gvfsd privileges.”

where XX.XX.XX.XXX seems like an ip address and it starts with 21.

After many attempts to find a fix on google without success, I decided to go on with someting else. WHile doing that, as I disconnected nordvpn (or turned killswitch off, I’m not sure becouse I did both seamlessly while nautilus takes a few seconds to start, and now I have to wait the problem to come up again to try a third time) all the previusly requested file manager windows opened.

I guess it has something to do with the fact that nautilus used that ip address.
Has someone ever experienced something similar?

When you are connected to a VPN you cannot use local network resources. This should be considered desired behavior as network leaks outside the tunnel is not desirable.

Such leaks can lead to unintended disclosure of real network address and ultimately your real location. Nordvpn has added a mesh commnad which is supposed to create a peered network running over the VPN.

As NordVPN is a paid service - you should search their knowledgebase - then contact their support - it is likely you will find either the answer or hints towards solving your issue.

But you also mention having setup a samba fileservice. It is highly likely you have created conflicting configurations which either depend on the state of the VPN.

Using VPN and samba fileservice usually conflicts as the file service is local and the local network connection will be disconnected upon VPN connection - which then causes your filenmanager to scan for the location - e.g. the share is in your bookmarks.

Networing, routing, VPN, meshed network, DNS etc. is really a very complicated world and nothing in that world is never as easy as 1-2-3. There’s a reason that network specialist is in high demand - and that’s because it is complicated.

If you require the concept of split tunnelling to keep access to your local network - it is possible to configure NordVPN client using the whitelist option. You should know that when doing so you so there’s no guarantee traffic is routed through your VPN or through your normal network.

You can whitelist a subnet - which you in turn can limit to a single IP on your local network - but you will have no direct control over that system’s routing table - which in turn may lead to leaking real public IP and location

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Thank you very much for your reply. Actually I’m not using the vpn for anonimity, just for securely accessing the files stored on this manjaro machine with a windows pc. Am I doing right?

And that’s why I, for example, carelessly whitelisted my local network IPs and port 22 (is it of any concern in your opinion?) to allow ssh connection to a local nas on which I backup data to.

Right now samba and nordvpn seem to work well. The problem (but I’m not good at troubleshooting) in with nautilus and Is not consistent as:
once it comes up (filemanager not opening), logging-out-nordvpn/setting-off-killswitch fixes the issue which stays away even if logging-in-nordvpn/setting-on-killswitch back again, till a point when randomly the problem comes up again.

I still don’t know what causes the file manager not to work properly and what IP address is nautilus referring to in that error message. I’ll have to research more and come back later.